Berko Chijindum

Berko was once confined to a wheelchair, but now has a female cybernetic body with tiny angelic wings. His brown synthskin is almost golden. Once he was only intelligent, but now he is capable, too.


Human Male Fast Hero 3 / Dogfighter 1

Strength 14 (2)
Dexterity 14 (
Constitution 14 (2)
Intelligence 14 (
Wisdom 14 (2)
Charisma 14 (

Size: Medium
Height: 4’ 11"
Weight: 110 lb
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Skin: Brown

Talents: Evasion, Increased Speed
Total Hit Points: 16
Speed: 35 feet
Armor Class: 14 = 10 + 5 [class] -1 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 14
Flat-footed: 14
Initiative modifier: -1 = -1 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: +0 = 1 [base] -1 [constitution]
Reflex save: +5 = 4 [base] -1 [dexterity] +2 [lightning reflexes]
Will save: +3 = 1 [base] +2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): +2 = 2 [base]
Attack (missile): +1 = 2 [base] -1 [dexterity]
Grapple check: +2 = 2 [base]
Reputation: +1 = 1 [base]
Transporter (starting occupation)

Windfall x1
Lightning Reflexes
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Vehicle Expert
Starship Operation (ultralight)

Brittle Bones
Direction Sense
Psionic Talent (Minor)

Bluff: 7
Computer Use: 4
Drive: 1
Knowledge (Physical Sciences): 3
Knowledge (Technology): 9
Navigate: 10
Pilot (remote Drones): 10
Profession (Drone Pilot): 10
Repair: 11
Spot: 5

Wealth: 9

Languages: Swahili, English, Arabic


Berko is cursed with brittle bones that keep him confined to a wheelchair. However, he has spent much of his youth in the employ of underworld transport cartels, flying mostly heavy cargo drones. At around the age of 22, Berko was rounded up by Mauritanian police forces and given two options – likely death in an NAA prison or service in the NAA new drone airforce. During the 2050s, Berko learned the basics of dogfighting during the brief Battle of Angola.

In the employ of Solfege, Berko has since had his brittle body replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic. Given the choice of “any body type he desired” Berko has opted for an anatomically correct female body, which he has since modified by adding a pair of tiny, angelic wings to. Berko has found that as long as he doesn’t accept the “preconcieved notion that he is bound by the force of gravity” that he is freed from it’s constraints upon him and he can pilot his cyborg body much like his beloved drones. Albeit only 6" off the ground.

Berko Chijindum

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