Gaston Fitzroy

Greasy brown hair & a pencil thin mustache make Gaston appear the caricature of a typical French bad guy. However, he is an energetic and enthusiastic team-player, constantly on the move, his shirt sleeves perpetually rolled up for work


Gaston has been revealed as a full-conversion cyborg working for an illicit French PMC. He has the ability to turn completely invisible and to mask his heat signature. He can apparently leap great distances and has a submachine gun hidden in his right arm. He is proficient with knives and is generally a little crazy.


Gaston is another designer child. However, he is only an intern on this project and so spends much of his time running around the camp delivering tools to Roland, coffee to Remy, and reports to Mr. DuPont. Gaston is a scrounger and is not above stealing from the locals to get the supplies that the team needs to complete its mission.

Gaston Fitzroy

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