Cerastes ALA 1/1

The Cerastes Armored Luxury Aerodyne (one of one)


The Cerastes Armored Luxury Aerodyne (one of one) is the unnaturally expensive car Cesare had commissioned in Siberia. Named for the genus of snake which ambushes its prey by slithering into the sand, this vehicle represents the pinnacle of personal transport technology. And cost. While not a true aerodyne (it does not rely on atmosphere for propulsion) it is a heavier than air flyer, which uses electromagnetic repulsion to hover near the ground when not in flight. It features:

  • Honeycomb Carbon military grade armor
  • Reinforced ramming prow
  • Tru-Tintâ„¢ technology (self repairing, water fueled nano-paint) throughout
  • Holds 8 paint schemes and two-tone randomizer
  • Hyper efficient ‘Escape’ energy cell engine
  • IVC (Improvised Vehicle Camouflage) technology
  • Sound Dampening/Distortion electrostatic field
  • On-board AI pilot system
  • Armored frame (Mech) gyroscopic stabilizer
  • Environmentally sealed, pressurized interior compartments with up to 8 hours of oxygen
  • World-class, multi-layered anti hacking system with tracer and surge-override defense
  • Seating for driver +3 in various configurations
  • Multiple Hidden compartments
  • ‘Non-lethal’ anti-theft defensive shock web attached to solar battery
  • Maximum flight time of 6 hours at max speed
  • Separate armored compartment for the engines, driver, and passengers (set configuration)
  • Maglev “invisi-wheels” for terrestrial locomotion .5 meters from ground
  • Ionocraft Hall effect thrusters
  • 300kph (186 mph) max surface speed, 700kph (435 mph) max airspeed
  • Flight ceiling of 45000 feet (13.7 kilometers)

Cesare got this made for him through a mob contact in Russia, but the place which constructed it is legit. He holds the patent for the IVC (improvised Vehicle Camouflage) technology used in the car, and receives 6.6% in royalties for his intellectual property.

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Cerastes ALA 1/1

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