U.S. CMS "Knickerbocker" Exo-Frame

Stripped down American "Knickerbocker" light powered frame.


This suit is a streamlined, highly mobile exo-frame rendered from a contemporary American model. It has had many of the combat-centric accouterments and pouches removed and many of the armor gaps filled with a flexible micro-laced silk weave. The interior of the suit is lined with a concussive gel layer, to aid in shock absorption. All in all, the suit measures 1.2 inches thick at its thickest points, which are along the spine.

The suit is concealable under normal clothing, but without a suit jacket, the spinal fixtures are visable from behind.


Cesare purchased this suit on the Russian black market for the equivalent of around 40 million yen. It took him several days to get a handle on the suit’s temperamental twitch-reaction compensation mechanisms, which saw him running through walls and jumping into the ceiling when trying to stand.

U.S. CMS "Knickerbocker" Exo-Frame

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