Tag: French


  • Guy Desmarais

    Guy used to be a videogame champion where his superior reflexes usually paid off. After vocational school, Guy joined the French Air Force and served several tours of duty flying combat drones over French Guiana after the failed 2042 Brazilian invasion. …

  • Alphonse Dupont

    A young kid by the standards of the rest of the team, Alphonse - Mr. DuPont to you – is a designer child from a well-to-do French family. He has come to Ciplak to make his career and is extremely eager for real results. His lack of experience makes him …

  • Franck Petit

    This isn't his first run and although he is quietly optimistic, he holds no illusion that Ciplak will be any more likely to hide minerals than any of the other islands he's been to.

  • Manon Robert

    Although less experienced than Franck, Manon is still a skilled surveyor. And unlike Franck, she is brimming over with confidence and good cheer. It is unlikely that even a find of nothing on the island will dampen her spirits.

  • Audrey Martin

    A middle aged woman who joined Eramete to be closer to her husband. However, she discovered she liked the work better than she liked him, so threw herself into her job when her husband left the company, and her, for another man.

  • Roland Girard

    Nicknamed “L'homme Grand”, Roland is pure brawn. In his civilian life Roland moonlights as a semi-pro wrestler and bouncer at local bars along the Vichy coast. As an employee of Eramet Roland does the heavy lifting and installing of the survey team, but …

  • Sabine Brun

    Sabine used to be a doctor of some respect, but a series of unfortunate incidents cost her her license. Now she can only practice her craft outside the sovereign borders of civilized states and so she takes on jobs with rogue companies and anyone else …

  • Pascal Chevalier

    A flamboyant French actor known for his physical comedy and complex disguise, Pascal is also a regular employee of Eramet and other French companies wishing to maintain a cover story for their work. In his capacity on Ciplak, he is playing the role of " …

  • Isaac DePaul

    Isaac is a veteran of the French Guiana War. He was a bush fighter, spec ops inserted to aid Guianese guerilla fighters against the Brazilian ground forces. Isaac has only rudimentary skills with the hi-Def Video Capture he is equipped with, but he forms …