Nabukwasi Cisse

Nabukwasi Cisse is Senegali. Her talents include a deep understanding of mixed operations (armor, infantry, and mecha) and an intuitive knack for battlefield improvisation. Nabukwasi spent 6 years, from 2059 to 2065, helping develop what eventually became Senegal’s failed, but ambitious MechOps Corps and her understanding of the operation and repair of such vehicles is virtually unprecedented.

Nabukwasi has spent the last 2 years mostly under house arrest and public scrutiny for what the Senegali nation state calls “a failure of revenue expenditure”. Having finally been cleared of responsibility, Ms.Cisse is eager to ply her skills elsewhere and for an employer who isn’t burdened by an oversight committee that lacks vision.

Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 200 lb
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Skin: Brown

Nabukwasi Cisse
Human Female Dedicated Hero 3 / Mecha Jockey 5

Strength: 14 (2)
Dexterity: 12 (
Constitution: 13 (1)
Intelligence: 16 (
Wisdom: 14 (2)
Charisma:12 (

Skill Emphasis x2 List: Drive, Craft (Electronic)
Total Hit Points: 58
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 16
Touch AC: 16
Flat-footed: 15
Initiative modifier: +1
Fortitude save: +4
Reflex save: +6
Will save: +7
Attack (handheld): +7
Attack (missile): +6
Grapple check: +7
Reputation: +2

Far Shot
Dead Aim
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Weapon Focus x1 Weapon(s): Mecha Weapons
Advanced Mecha Operation
Mecha Operation
Mecha Weapon Boost

Computer Use 14
Craft (Electronic) 16
Craft (Structural) 13
Drive 15
Knowledge (tactics) 13
Knowledge (technology) 14
Listen 4
Navigate 3
Repair 15
Research 3
Spot 4
Survival 4

Languages: Swahili, English, Arabic

Mecha Jockey
Mecha weapon proficiency
Luv my mecha (1) (level 2)
Mecha feint (level 4)
Help you love your Mecha (
1) (level 5)

Nabukwasi Cisse

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