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A multinational PMC linked to the New African Alliance (NAA) but officially attached to the UN (link needed). Specializes in sabotage and deception based operations, with a large focus on intelligence gathering.

Very generous donations to the company’s R&D department by Force Commander Cesare Augustino Floris have been met with his addition to the board’s members. Current R&D is focused on personal stealth technologies, mass production mech design and electronic corruption programs as delivered by nano-virus. These viruses are point of contact only and are able to break down simple electronic locks and video surviellance systems.

  • 3/5ths of the PMC’s board must consist of NAA members/allies in order for continued relationship with AU.
  • In early 2067, large investments by Greece have caused unrest among the board members.
  • The company’s current policy is neutral regarding international disagreements and declarations of war crimes so long as they do not directly affect any member state of the NAA. This policy comes up for review whenever a new board member is taken on, or when the status of a working ally or enemy changes. Or whenever the board decides it needs to be reviewed.
  • Cesare controls both his own and Marius Vorster’s vote, granting him 2/11 of the board’s voting power.
  • December 10th 2067, the company was formally attached to the United Nations Peacekeeping force, increasing their operational jurisdiction to global.

Company Assets

  • A headquarters building
  • The research facility, a controlled environment facility in the Indian Ocean
  • Private apartments for each of the inner circle
  • A machine shop
  • A garage
  • Ada and 5 HR underlings
  • Wehzi the fixer and his team of 12
  • 8 corporate lawyers with Zbenjo at their head
  • 10 chaffeurs (of which Piet is the ‘leader’)
  • About 10 meanial staff.
  • A team of 30 accountants
  • 3 corporate jets (one unmarked)
  • A fleet of 17 armored sedans & SUVs
  • 1 ocean going ship
  • 3 ospreys (1 which is unmarked)



Inner Circle Board Members:
Chueng Sok
Lino Bionaz
Osaze Bashand
Zoe Putain
Cesare Augustino Floris


Team Soprano:

Team Contralto:

Company Chaffuer:


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