Solfege Annual Profit Mechanic

Annual Profit:

Each new recruit adds +1 to the DC. Each equipment upgrade to each employee adds between 1 and 5 to that DC. Each successful mission adds 1-3 wealth to Solfege. Each new mission adds 1-6 to the year end DC. So your private missions with company assets cost but don’t necessarily earn Solfege money.

As it stands Solfege takes 20 every year, but annually they lose 1 wealth.

You can pay yourself from that coffer by making an extra wealth check every level using the company’s wealth bonus, but that reduces Solfege’s wealth by 1 each time and is embezzling. Or you can use Solfege’s wealth to make big company purchases. So even buying another Osprey only costs the company 1 wealth immediately, but also adds 1 to the year end DC. For each 5 points the wealth check at the year end succeeds by, each inner circle board member gains +1 wealth and every other investor would technically gain +1 to their wealth checks.

It also takes 1 month per new hire or new upgrade to reach optimal performance. Its December 12, 2067. Mission launch date is January 20, 2068. Year end DC roll is December 31, 2067

Solfege Annual Profit Mechanic

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