Business Unusual

Mission 2
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Solfège Intel Report:

Satellite intel suggests the Russians have set up a base of sorts in a port city called Kolimbe, population approximately 100k. There is a significant moreau population in Kolimbe. Maybe as much as 15% of the population.

The Russians are not deployed as a single group. And in fact have numerous teams on many missions throughout Etrirea. The Hutus they support number in the thousands but are little more than thugs. Local forces loyal to the NAA number in the hundreds, and while capable of supporting your efforts may prove to be little more than dispensable buffers against enemy attack.

Global News
Tensions in Etrirea, Tragedy off the coast of Ciplak

…Meanwhile, tensions in Etrirea have been steadily mounting. Increasingly bold attacks by Hutu rebels there have threatened the NAA’s attempts to peacefully resolve tribal issues. Hutus claim their ancestral traditions are being compromised by what they call, quote, systemic arab agendas, unquote, inherent in the NAA’s policies. Arsisa Mgembe, spokeswoman for the African Union, insists that the Hutu rebelion is a selfish and childish act that keeps both peace and prestige from the grasp of all Africans. She urges the rebel leadership to step down before matters escalate. In other news…

…Greece is mourning the loss of an unprecedented 63 sailors from last month’s terror attack in the Meditteranean. Official’s say a Cypriot auxilliary was practicing maneuvers when a suicide bomber in a fishing boat collided with the ship’s engines causing catastrophic damage to its integrity. So far it is unclear who is responsible…

…The Greek exile Letsos Nekator has recently been placed on France’s terror watchlist. A 200k Euro bounty has been offered for his capture. So far, no PMC has taken any interest in his capture, except for Lame-Cachée

Encrypted Search, Authorization: “Falsetto”

…An underground news agency from Russia reports that a crack down on vagrants in and around the city of Priyapt is really a government program to scan people for “psychic potential”. No other news agencies run any concurrent stories. There is no reported Russian government action in or around the exclusion zone…

…The Japanese have released a report describing experiments with psychokinetic amplifiers, but the official line is that these experiments failed to yield significant results to justify further experimentation. Singapore announced a new technique in stem cell research that they hope will allow them to tap into humanity’s “unmapped psychic potential”, but they have become synonymous with over hyped boasting and little results…

Operation Frog
Scout and secure the unclaimed island of Ciplak; ensure the safety and completion of Eramete's mission

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