Cesare Augustino Floris

Smart, Italian, has more money than you.


Standing 6’1" and weighing 190 lbs, Cesare cuts a slim yet solid figure. His face was designed by some of the best genetic artists available, and he possesses a 93.1% bilateral symmetry. He is a brilliant planner, a quick study, a sharp detective and a capable leader, but his high functioning sociopathy makes him arrogant and egocentric, not to mention dampening his ability to empathize with others.


Was born in Sardinia, the son of ______ energy company executive Olivia Floris and master chef Leonardo Floris, who conceived him through genetic sampling when Leonardo was diagnosed with a chronic seminal abnormality. Olivia moved the family to Egypt to lead her company’s new business team on a proposal for the NAA’s Sahara Energy Project contract. Cesare grows up in the lap of luxury, enjoying every advantage of the ultra rich. He spent much of his time with the middle class children of his family’s servants, who treated him with a mild sense of neglect. The Floris’ had Cesare educated privately by a revolving door of cutting edge and creative scholars, and at 17, he was already performing on an advanced professional level. He makes his first earned million through selling a curriculum guide to scholastic companies. He killed his first person during a botched kidnapping attempt at his mother’s company headquarters. Several surmounted challenges later, Cesare’s lust for complex problem solving leads him to PMC work with newly formed mercenary company Solfège.

Cesare photo

Cesare Augustino Floris

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